Source code for probequest.probe_request

A Wi-Fi probe request.

from time import localtime, strftime
from netaddr import EUI, NotRegisteredError

[docs]class ProbeRequest: """ Probe request class. """ def __init__(self, timestamp, s_mac, essid): self.timestamp = timestamp self.s_mac = str(s_mac) self.essid = str(essid) self.s_mac_oui = self.get_mac_organisation() def __str__(self): return "{timestamp} - {s_mac} ({mac_org}) -> {essid}".format( timestamp=strftime( "%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %Z", localtime(self.timestamp) ), s_mac=self.s_mac, mac_org=self.s_mac_oui, essid=self.essid )
[docs] def get_mac_organisation(self): """ Returns the OUI of the MAC address as a string. """ # pylint: disable=no-member try: return EUI(self.s_mac).oui.registration().org except NotRegisteredError: return None